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O Rings

O Rings are the gaskets offered in the form of rings or an o with a round cross section that is typically made of ductile material. These rings are used to seal connections as well as joints in tubes, pipes, etc. These are applicable for hydraulics, or pertaining to a moving liquid operational in a shut-in space under pressure. These suffice as the least expensive as well as most reliable options these days. These products are used in various equipments such as compressors, pumps, valves, engines, boilers, condensers, refrigerators, heaters and heat exchangers. These loops of elastomer, known as O Rings are proffered with a round cross-section, made to be seated in a groove as well as compressed during fabrication between two or more parts.
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2400 INR/Number
  • Scc9
  • 300 Per Week
  • 6
Product Image

Nitrile O Ring

10 INR/Number
  • ss6102018
  • 10
  • 2 Days
Product Image

Silicone O Ring Cords

60 INR/Meter
  • ss1245
  • 3
  • 5 Days
Product Image

Fep Encapsulated O Rings

600 INR/Number
  • SSc
  • 10
Product Image

Rubber O Rings

  • 07
  • 10
Product Image

X Rings / Quad Ring

36 INR/Number
  • 08
  • 6

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